Nordic Naturals 挪威小鱼 1280mg Omega鱼油 + CoQ10辅酶胶囊 60粒

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Nordic燦aturals Ultimate Omega 1280mg + CoQ10 SoftGels 60
Ultimate Omega?+CoQ10 provides the same powerful EPA+DHA formula as our Ultimate Omega? with the added heart health benefits of CoQ10. CoQ10 levels have been shown to decrease with age and in people with heart disease or those taking statins.* This formula helps prevent this decrease, and supports the heart抯 overall energy needs.
  • Purified Fish Oil + CoQ10 (Ubiquinone)
  • 100mg of ubiquinone - form CoQ10 to help supply the heart and other cells with the energy (ATP) they required
  • Double-Strength EPA+DHA for more Omega-3s in fewer soft gels
  • Promotes healthy blood vessels and circulation
  • Combination of CoQ10 and fish oil in one convenient product